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 About Me


      My family’s first and only vacation was to Florida when I was 16 in 1972. For weeks my mom researched places to visit. Places were chosen, after much consideration, and when the itinerary was complete we headed to Florida!  Since I always got car-sick, I sat in front and became the navigator! As we headed from Cynthiana down to Stone Mountain, our first stop, I checked off the mileage and recorded our times and sometimes offered directions as well. The Tamiami Trail, Silver Springs, Cypress Springs, Disney World, Miami, Tampa, Port Canaveral were all fascinating. However, my favorite was St. Augustine with its Wax Museum and Fountain of Youth. I was hooked!


     Next "travel" stop for the small-town girl from Cynthiana, was college in Cincinnati. How I love this town! There is So Much to see and do! My destiny was sealed with my classes in Airline & Travel. Our professor was a past stewardess from TWA and the tales she told us  inspired me more. There were field trips to the airport, Rental Car Companies and all the interesting spots in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

     My travel career began in Lexington at Wilco Travel. Big-black OAG books helped us piece together routes and tariffs. It was a more personable time than I’d experienced. People were to be called by their first name (something that wasn’t wide-spread back in the late 70’s) so that they’d feel like we were family. I was a quick study and enjoyed the people and loved digging deep to find them the cheapest airfare, especially during spring break when it was impossible to find. I’d break fares and route people through various airports so that they were able to reach their final destination and get to enjoy spring break.  I learned that going the extra mile made for many happy and returning clients.

     Several years later in the late 80’s a friend said we needed to go to Going Places Travel in Georgetown to take classes on airline travel using computers. Hey! I was in! The computers were much easier to use than the huge OAG! The change was like second-nature for me and I was offered a job. Thus began my time with Going Places. Not only did I do “inside sales” where the client comes into the Agency, I was allowed to do “outside sales” where I could get my own clients and be paid a commission in addition to my regular salary. This worked really well for me as I enjoyed working with people outside of the office to develop an itinerary for them, not just selling them airline tickets. It was fun creating vacations.  Clients appreciated that the vacations I planned included more bang for their buck than the packages already offered. 

     I started planning trips for friends and family. Eventually I planned some trips for the High School Baseball Team next, the Homemakers and later the Ag part of the Extension Service. I enjoyed meeting with the groups to determine where they wanted to go, how long, and for how much. The research was interesting and, trying to make it economical while seeing as much as possible, was both challenging and fun.

    Several years ago the Ag Agent suggested, “you need to start your own business, Cruisin’ with Cassin”.  The seed was planted and I knew that it was what I wanted to do. I enjoy people and traveling. I love seeing as much as possible for the lowest price and I love stopping on the road for just the right picture of some vista someone spotted; sharing and making memories with my fellow travelers.

Cruisin’ with Cassin was born! I have many years of experience working with and through the travel industry. It gives me great pleasure to work with groups to secure the best vacation imaginable and to help make life-long memories for them.


 So hop aboard and come cruisin’ with the best – people and places.

                                                                                                                                                     Happy travels,


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